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Sound Kapital



Released: 25th Jul 2011


an album chocka with swarms of synths, electronic beats, passionate vocals & sinewy, spiralling guitar lines. with dan boeckner’s wolf parade on “indefinite hiatus”, it falls to his other project, with wife alexei perry, to take the brunt of his creative output. it’s their 3rd full-length but this time they have put serious pedal to the metal. like fad gadget & suicide before them, handsome furs use keyboards & drum machines to forge life-affirming anthems taut with muscle & blood but with a pop mentality & showmanship shared with of montreal or mgmt. “effectively conjures an alternate 1980s where bruce springsteen didn't just tinker around with synths & drum machines on occasion, but actually tried to make a full-on depeche mode record” – pitchfork.

Sound Kapital