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hitnrun phase one

npg records


Released: 14th Sep 2015


his third album in just over a year sees the prolific purple one being as funky as ever.

from the off this is a record of ridiculous high quality that can easily sit alongside his best work without ever sounding like a rehash of old ideas. despite featuring lianne la havas, judith hill & rita ora, this is still the prince show - all flamboyant bass riffs and break beats that will get you dancing like it's (I'm sorry I couldn't help it) 1999. "deliciously gritty." - the guardian

hitnrun phase one


  1. Million $ Show (featuring Judith Hill)
  2. Shut This Down
  3. Ain't About to Stop (featuring Rita Ora)
  4. Like a Mack (featuring Curly Fryz)
  5. This Could B Us
  6. Fallinlove2nite
  7. X's Face
  8. Hardrocklover
  9. Mr. Nelson (featuring Lianne La Havas)
  10. 1000 Xs & 0s
  11. June