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real live wires

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Released: 27th May 2013



Released: 28th Nov 2013


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a superb distillation of all that made talking heads such a unique & remarkable band, this great live set captures talking heads at the park west, in chicago, in 1978.

after playing a selection of showcases in europe at the start of the year - & taking time-out to record their second album in the bahamas - the group were amidst a tour criss-crossing the usa from new york to los angeles. their set list includes standout cuts from the 1st 2 albums; '77' ('psycho killer', 'the book i read', 'uh-oh love comes to town', 'new feeling') & 'more songs about buildings & food' ('take me to the river', 'the big country', 'the girls want to be with the girls', 'the good thing').

real live wires


  1. The Big Country
  2. Warning Sign
  3. The Book I Read
  4. Stay Hungry
  5. Artists Only
  6. The Girls Want To Be With the Girls
  7. Dont Worry About the Government
  8. The Good Thing
  9. Uh-Oh Loves Comes To Town
  10. Love-Building on Fire
  11. New Feeling
  12. Psycho Killer
  13. Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
  14. Take Me to the River