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girl band

Holding Hands With Jamie (csd 2015 exclusive)

Rough Trade


Released: 17th Oct 2015


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vital, propulsive & terrifyingly energetic noise-rock, this young Dublin foursome's debut album pulls as much influence from classic techno as from their more obvious post-punk, noise & industrial predecessors.

Recalling any number of things but for only milliseconds at a time, Girl Band make a mockery of comparisons, because you can only get as far as “oh this bit sounds like—” before a guitar scuff-screams, the bass crunches like a car in a bailing press, or something else visceral & glorious comes from the speakers & the thought’s erased. these 9 tracks capture the tension & abrasive energy of a Girl Band performance (which already have something of a legendary status). if you need reference points, try nirvana's 'in utero' or the birthday party & more recently, metz or protomartyr.....& then scrap those & just stick this on full blast (but maybe wait for your neighbours to go out first!)

Holding Hands With Jamie (csd 2015 exclusive)


  1. Umbongo
  2. Pears For Lunch
  3. Baloo
  4. In Plastic
  5. Paul
  6. The Last Riddler
  7. Texting An Alien
  8. Fucking Butter
  9. The Witch Doctor