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my darling clementine

Still Testifying

continental song city


Released: 2nd Jun 2017


Limited lp

Released: 15th Dec 2017


this is a further move away from Classic Country as they embrace Gospel and Country Soul, channelling the likes of Dan Penn, Micky Newbury, Goffin & King and Bacharach & David.

The pedal steel has been joined by horns, the twang has given way to wah-wah & groove guitar, and the fiddle replaced by strings. Listeners may feel the spirit of the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band echoing through some of these new songs too. Dalgleish and King have not completely overlooked their country music leanings, their renowned, country melancholy is still evident on some songs. the core is as gripping as ever: a man and a woman, still married, still singing to each other, still singing about each other, still singing for (or against) each other, And still testifying.


Still Testifying


  1. The Embers & The Flames
  2. Eugene
  3. Yours Is The Cross That I Still Bear
  4. Since I Fell For You
  5. There's Nothing You Can Tell Me (that I Don't Already Know)
  6. Jolene's Story
  7. Friday Night, Tulip Hotel
  8. Just A Woman
  9. Tear Stained Smile
  10. Two Lane Texaco
  11. Shallow