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More Photographs (A Continuum)

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Kev's got his camera out again! This time he's finding new angles and perspectives on some of the tracks from 'This is a Photograph' and furnish...

HARLEM RIVER (repress)

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harlem River marks the solo debut of songwriter Kevin Morby.

still life (woodsist repress)

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Still Life is the second solo album from Kevin Morby.

This Is A Photograph

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A succinct snapshot of Memphis history carefully entwined with the Texan’s own tumultuous past.

A Night At The Little Los Angeles

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a chance to fully draw back the curtain on kevin's 'sundowner', this record features the original four-track recordings of every track on the album ...


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Stripping things back to their roots, morby’s sixth album pairs delicate folk music with uncomplicated melodies and bruising lyrical ruminations.
Oh Mon Dieu: Live à Paris (rsd 20)
  1. “Congratulations”
  2. “Hail Mary”
  3. “Savannah”
  4. “Piss River”
  5. “No Halo”
  6. “OMG Rock N Roll”
  7. “Seven Devils”
  8. “O Behold”
  9. “Beautiful Strangers”
  10. “City Music”
  11. “Dry Your Eyes”
  12. “Parade”
  13. “I Have Been To The Mountain”
  14. “Cut Me Down”
  15. “Dorothy”
  16. "Harlem River”


Oh Mon Dieu: Live à Paris (rsd 20)

Dead Oceans
  • record store day 2020 - opaque red 2LP

    Released: 29th Aug 2020

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From Kevin: “Paris was the first city to really get behind my career as a solo artist".

"From the first time I played there in 2014 til now, it's always had an extra spark of magic to it. It's always the stop I look forward to the most on my European tours as the audience comes with a very unique and kinetic energy, and because of this, so does the band. I had wanted to document this reciprocating fever between us and the crowd for some time now and saw our sold out show at the beautiful Cabaret Sauvage as the perfect time to do so. I also knew I needed to document a night with my new band, the OH MY GOD Band, which is made up of some of the most talented and tasteful musicians on the planet. And so here and now, in this recording, I have captured the best band I've ever played with as well as one of the best crowds I've ever played for - all together on a very sweaty night beneath a carnival tent in Paris. xo km”“ 500 for uk and ireland