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Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs (20th Anniversary)
  1. Strat Hear
  2. Basin Street Blues
  3. Radio Nufonia
  4. Stompin At Le Savoi
  5. Space Cadet 2
  6. Grandmaphone Speaks
  7. Skanky Panky
  8. Flu Season
  9. Robochacha
  10. Elevator Hopper
  11. Annie's Parlor
  12. Bonus Materials: On The Set Of Fender Bender
  13. More Dance Music
  14. Vacation Island
  15. Negatron Speaks

Kid Koala

Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs (20th Anniversary)

Ninja Tune
  • Limited 140g Silver LP + original 50pp comic book + download

    Released: 6th Oct 2023


Cult classic 'Some of my Best Friends are DJs' is given a new lease of life on the 20th anniversary of release.

It's the Kid Koala you know and love, a turntablised soundtrack of more antics of the cranky and mysterious characters from Kid Koala's comic book land of Nufonia.” Some of My Best Friends are DJs comes complete with the original 50-page comic book and mini chess game from the first pressing. On original release, the album was supported by a cabaret-style tour known as “The Short Attention Span Theatre”, which featured 3 DJs on 8 turntables, a slide show and a bingo game among other quirky surprises.