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hey colossus

Dances / Curses

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‘Dances / Curses’ - their lucky thirteenth record - is the work of six musicians at the peak of their considerable powers of intuition and inspirati...
In Blood


  1. My Name In Blood
  2. I Could Almost Care
  3. Perle
  4. Can’t Feel Around Us
  5. Curved In The Air
  6. Avalon
  7. TV Alone
  8. Over Cedar Limb

hey colossus

In Blood

Wrong Speed Records
  • cd

    Released: 1st Sep 2023

  • limited red lp

    Released: 1st Sep 2023

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They have taken the expansive anything-goes approach that made 'Dances/Curses' so exceptional and fine-tuned and shaped it into an 8-song single album that never treads water or fills time.

The prominent vocals steer the listener through the music, defining it as opposed to punctuating it (or being buried by it). following the lethargy of lockdown, A plan was hatched to attempt to re-energise and reassemble the band: they would begin work on a new album.

They would approach this as though a Somerset version of The Desert Sessions – members old and new and guests would contribute as and when time and restrictions allowed. Lyrically, British folk and ghost mythology provided the starting position for the song themes ranging from mutated stories of grief and loss written in the 14th Century (Perle), spiritual reawakening by ancient apparitions (Avalon) to the growth of nature after devastation (Can’t Feel Around Us, Over Cedar Limb), a metaphor also for spirit and body renewal and rebirth after trauma.