other titles...

  1. Dancing in the Rubble
  2. Normies
  3. Fell Through the Ice
  4. Literally Everything
  5. Keep Bleeding Diamonds
  6. Snow Angels
  7. Into the Ooze
  8. Brand New Woman (feat. eee gee)
  9. No Liver, No Lungs
  10. Surgeon
  11. Grinding Boulders
  12. Hurricane



  • black lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 22nd Mar 2024


On her upcoming album, Brimheim shines an unrelenting light on the dissonance within herself with a refined fusion of organic and electronic elements.

She explores her shame, frustration with prescriptive gender roles, and unmasks the parts of her that she’s spent a lifetime suppressing. Her music is genre expansive; never shying away from mixing styles and letting her knack for melody take center stage. It ranges from layered and rich to stripped down and low fidelity. But most notable, her lyrics look straight into a psyche and emotional world full of doubt, pathetic desires, and weakness. She tackles the shameful, possibly ugly, intimate feelings that are often hidden away. But with moving vocals and masterful delivery, Brimheim imbues tender beauty into these dark corners of all of us.