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Legacy: The Story of Mandalaband 1975 - 1978

remastered 4cd in clamshell box with 24pp booklet - £22.99 | Pre Order
The most comprehensive collection of Mandalaband's early music to date, collating all their recordings during those Chrysalis years of 1975 - 1978.

Mandalaband (Expanded Edition)

remastered 180g 2lp in gatefold sleeve with rare bonus track - £28.99 | Pre Order
Nearly fifty years on, a veil of sonic mist has been lifted from these unique recordings.
The Eye Of Wendor: Prophecies (2023 Reissue)
  1. The Eye Of Wendor
  2. Florian's Song
  3. Ride To The City
  4. Almar's Tower
  5. Like The Wind
  6. The Tempest
  7. Dawn Of A New Day
  8. Departure From Carthilias
  9. Elsethea
  10. Witch Of Waldow Wood
  11. Silesandre
  12. Aenord's Lament
  13. Funeral Of The King
  14. Coronation Of Damien
  15. The Eye Of Wendor
  16. Florian's Song
  17. Ride To The City
  18. Almar's Tower
  19. Like The Wind
  20. The Tempest
  21. Dawn Of A New Day
  22. Departure From Carthilias
  23. Elsethea
  24. Witch Of Waldow Wood
  25. Silesandre
  26. Aenord's Lament
  27. Funeral Of The King
  28. Coronation Of Damien


The Eye Of Wendor: Prophecies (2023 Reissue)

  • remastered 180g 2lp in gatefold sleeve + booklet (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 16th Feb 2024


Listening to David's newly remixed version is a stunning sonic journey; with elements of prog, electronica, soft rock and instrumental soundscapes, the influence of these recordings on prog-music that followed is clear.

The second Mandalaband album - 'The Eye of Wendor: Prophecies' - took two full years to create. Recorded at Strawberry Studios with the help of Barclay James Harvest plus a plethora of musician friends and colleagues with whom David had worked with over the years including Eric Stewart (10cc), Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span), Justin Hayward (Moody Blues), Graham Gouldman, Lol Creme & Kevin Godley (10cc) and Paul Young (Sad Cafe / Mike and the Mechanics). The narrative is based on a Tolkienesque fantasy of a magical gemstone, set in prehistory, the music and lyrics telling the tale through different vocalists playing the roles of the leading characters in the story. The Mandalaband founder carefully created this classic symphonic rock album on a budget of just £8,000.