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Whispering Sons

Several Others

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"Several Others" marks Whispering Sons first full-length release since their 2018 debut "Image", which saw them garner early support at pres...
The Great Calm


  1. Standstill
  2. Walking Flying
  3. Cold City
  4. Dragging
  5. Something Good
  6. Still Disappearing
  7. The Talker
  8. Balm (After Violence)
  9. Poor Girl
  10. Loose Ends
  11. Oceanic
  12. Try Me Again

Whispering Sons

The Great Calm

[PIAS] Recordings Belgium
  • limited red lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 23rd Feb 2024

  • cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 23rd Feb 2024


Whispering Sons’ third album, ‘The Great Calm’, represents a reimagining and rethinking, though this growth has produced a series of songs that are still defiantly and uniquely true to the group.

With bass player and producer Bert Vliegen’s credentials to call on, rather than give the band musical sketches to be fleshed out later as he did previously, guitarist Kobe Lijnen was able to provide more fully formed pictures of his potential new songs. Recorded in four weeks two in the Audioworkx studio near Eindhoven, Holland, before being finished at the start of 2023 using a homemade set up on Vlieland , a small Dutch island just off the North Sea coast the power, energy and beauty behind The Great Calm’s making is etched through the heart of each of its 12 songs.

“The Talker exhibits influences from The Velvet Underground to Talking Heads. Unlike their earlier works, this track hinges on a more buoyant yet still gripping guitar riff. Its lyrical structure balances on the edge of spoken word and melodic vocals. The sun kissed guitar notes intertwine seamlessly with powerful drum sequences and rich organ tones. It’s a crafty fusion, proving their continued evolution and reverence for art rock’s greats.” www.post punk.com