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Things To Keep Alive
  1. A Friend By The Lake
  2. In The Shadown Of Her
  3. A Fault In All Of Us
  4. Things To Keep Alive
  5. Let Me Stay In tonight
  6. Until You
  7. Cinnamon Challenge
  8. Pure Shores
  9. Colourless
  10. Tradition


Things To Keep Alive

  • lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 15th Mar 2024

  • cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 15th Mar 2024


From Beatles-esque balladry, fuzzed out shoegaze and a lavish cover of a 00s pop classic, 'Things To Keep Alive' still importantly retains the Horsebeach DNA and even has moments that will take fans all the way back to Kennedy's C86 inspired debut LP.

In turn, this results in Horsebeach's most varied and rewarding album to date. A record that inspires and shows growth; a record that makes you appreciate the things you help to keep alive. Here’s what Ryan (Horsebeach) had to say about the album."I always treat each album as a snapshot of a certain period of my life and Things To Keep Alive is no different. However, it's less of a measure of time and more a snapshot of the mental space I've come to occupy over the past few years. Fundamentally, this album is about my own struggle with one particular side effect of my mental health. Especially my propensity to long for the sweet release of death. I've come to learn how to deal with these things over time and I have always cared for my many cats, plants and important people close to me.