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The Unheimlich Kingdom
  1. Trepanning For Gold
  2. Cognitive Dissidents
  3. National Psycho Geographic
  4. The Unheimlich Kingdom

Psychic Lemon

The Unheimlich Kingdom

drone rock
  • super limited eco dark grey lp (250 only)

    Released: 1st Mar 2024


The band's darkest album yet, full of unrelenting repetition and piled high with dense slabs of sound, a total contrast to the sounds of their self-titled debut vinyl release on Drone Rock Records way back in 2016.

It is a grim, powerful record and perfectly encapsulates these dark and, quite frankly, depressing times. It is the sound of a band rallying against the status quo and simply stating "enough is enough"; a true reflection of a dystopian future that has already descended on us.

"'...in my opinion, Psychic Lemon's best yet. It showcases a band at the height of their powers who are not afraid to mix things up a bit but still retain their raison d'etre. It is a magnificent beast; muscular and powerful, borne of righteous rage. It is the sound of a band finding catharsis through music, a way of communicating their disquiet about modern life in the UK but without resorting to shouting into an echo chamber. That alone is something to be applauded. Bravo lads, bravo." Sun & Violence

"When they are at ease Psychic Lemon sound like a maelstrom of fury. Here they are not at ease and the damage this record will cause is immense. Embrace the agony." Isolation

"Do love a bit of drone-rock on this show." Deb Grant reacting to the track - 'Cognitive Dissidents' - on the New Music Fix Show on 6Music