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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Australian Carnage - Live At The Sydney Opera House

Limited 140g Black LP - £21.99 | Buy
The dreamy duo display their undeniable alchemy on this live recording! they relish the grandeur and spectacle of the occasion, rising to deliver a majestic, ra...
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Blonde (Soundtrack From The Netflix Film)

limited red lp + download - £24.99 | Buy
Sumptuous, yet sinister, the score that this legendary pair has cooked up is an engrossing work of synth drones & distraught vocals without words.
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

La Panthere Des Neiges (Original Soundtrack)

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one of Ellis and Cave’s most heartfelt and haunting film projects.
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

lawless (2021 reissue)

limited 180g audiophile lp - £29.99 | Buy
lawless 2012 crime drama film by director John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition) about a gang of bootleggers in Virginia during the Great Depression.
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis


limited LP + 24 PAGE BOOKLET - £23.99 | Buy
limited DEBOSSED BOARD CD + 24 PAGE BOOKLET - £13.99 | Buy
In the hands of these 2 gods of sombre sonics, ‘Carnage’ sounds not only disturbingly comforting, it sounds positively alluring.
Mars (OST) (2024 Reissue)
  1. Mars Theme
  2. Mars
  3. Daedalus
  4. Earth
  5. Science
  6. Space X
  7. Space Station
  8. Symphony Of The Dead
  9. Planetarium
  10. Towards Daedalus
  11. Life On Mars

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Mars (OST) (2024 Reissue)

music on vinyl
  • limited numbered 180g audiophile "Flame Yellow" LP (1000 only)

    Released: 12th Jul 2024


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis present a suitably epic, wondrous soundtrack suite for 'Mars', the National Geographic Channel's 6-part series.

The fictional TV series tells the story of the first astronaut crew on a mission to Mars in 2033. Composers Nick Cave and Warren Ellis deliver a pitch-perfect score to complement the thrilling yet daunting mission to a desolate alien planet in which the human species struggle to survive, thrive, and forge an existence in this new world. Cave and Ellis provided thirteen tracks including the show’s theme song, which occupies a similarly cosmic electronic atmosphere as the band’s album 'Skeleton Tree'.