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Various Artists
  1. Balladium – Andrómeda
  2. D W Art – Mate
  3. Prece Oposto - Homem Do Leme
  4. Jovem Guarda - Levante
  5. Taquicárdia - Enfarte
  6. Zona Proibida – Musak
  7. Der Stil - Flores Do Vício
  8. Projecto Azul - New Sides
  9. Essa Entente - Festa Final

Rock Rendez Vous: Musica Moderna Potruguesa 1985 – 1986

Various Artists

Dark Entries
  • LP (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 12th Jul 2024


The seductive sounds of Portugal swing to Dark Entries on 'Rock Rendez Vous: Música Moderna Portuguesa 1985-1986': a compilation of vintage Iberian synth, wave, and post-punk gems.

The legendary club Rock Rendez Vous (RRV) opened its doors in Lisbon in 1980, heralding a new era in the Portuguese underground. Although touring acts like Killing Joke, Danse Society, or Echo & the Bunnymen graced its stage, RRV more vitally served as ground zero for a new generation of Portuguese bands, one simultaneously in touch with broader international musical movements while being invested in establishing a national sonic identity. Rock Rendez Vous culls 9 tracks of prime Portuguese indie tunes from the Música Moderna Portuguesa compilations released in 1985 and 1986, documenting the heyday of this movement. Jangly and brooding postpunk gems like “Levante” from Jovem Guarda, Projecto Azul’s “New Sides,” and Essa Entente’s “Festa Final” are well-represented here.

Meanwhile, quirky Balearic-laced synthpop gems like D. W. Art’s “Mate” or Zona Proibida’s “Musak” add a subtly regional flare. Rock Rendez Vous: Música Moderna Portuguesa comes housed in a sleeve designed by Eloise Leigh featuring a photo of the club RRV, and also includes a double-sided insert with lyrics, photos, and liner notes.