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Up On High



Released: 1st Nov 2019


LP + download

Released: 1st Nov 2019


Cabic and his band inhabit a sublime realm of hazy, psych-tinged folk; a collection of sleek, economical, soulful, and sometimes sadness-tinged melodies riding on the gentle choogle and sway of an ensemble moving in beautiful unison.

What’s magic about this record is the way its tangents colour the ten songs without undermining a distinct move to more elemental, spacious and natural arrangements. At the heart of each of these ten songs is Cabic’s voice: sweet, tender and weathered - a welcome and soothing old friend if ever there was one. This album reflects the world that Cabic created and lives in: Jorge Ben phrasings peek out from behind Tom Petty's ‘Wildflowers’ outtakes, a gentle jangle lifts whispers of REM’s ‘Murmur’ on a breeze up from Compass Point Studios. “a near-perfect hangover record” 4/5 – mojo.

Up On High


  1. The Living End
  2. To Who Knows Where
  3. Swaying
  4. All We Could Want
  5. Hold Tight
  6. Wanted, Never Asked
  7. A Door Shuts Quick
  8. Filigree
  9. Up On High
  10. Lost (In Your Eyes)