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L.A. Witch

L.A. Witch (2022 repress)

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L.A. Witch

Octubre (reissue)

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LA Witch’s eponymous debut album tapped into the allure of warm nights on the West Coast while hinting at the loneliness and lawlessness of living on the ...
Play With Fire
  1. Fire Starter
  2. Motorcycle Boy
  3. Dark Horse
  4. I Wanna Lose
  5. Gen-Z
  6. Sexorexia
  7. Maybe the Weather
  8. True Believers
  9. Starred

L.A. Witch

Play With Fire

Suicide Squeeze


a bold new journey that merges their siren-song mystique, nostalgic spirit, and contemporary cool with an insatiable stylistic breadth.

Where their self-titled debut oozed with vibe and atmosphere, with the whole mix draped in reverb, sonically placing the band in some distant realm, broadcast across some unknown chasm of time, 'Play With Fire' comes crashing out of the gate with a bold, brash, in-your-face rocker “Fire Starter.” from there, the band only gets more adventurous. “Los Angeles has always been a home for misplaced souls, and L.A Witch has the sound to go with it, dripping with nostalgia, heavy reverb, and glamour.” NYLON. “this West Coast trio plays pitch-black pop-rock wrapped in blankets of reverb.” CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND.


Polly says "L.A. Witch have definitely stepped it up a gear with this one. Haunting harmonies that give you goosebumps and some seriously hypnotic bass lines from Rita, which you can't help but tap your foot to. It makes miss these ladies so much.Let's fly to LA, hire a convertible and cruise the West Coast with this blasting full volume."