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LP Side A)

01 Well, I Knocked Bim Bam ‐ Gene Vincent  

02 Be‐Bop‐A‐Lula ‐ Gene Vincent   

03 Teenage Partner (version 1) ‐ Gene Vincent   

04 Pretty, Pretty Baby ‐ Gene Vincent   

05 Who Slapped John Gene Vincent   

06 Flea Brain ‐ Gene Vincent  


LP Side B)   

01 Bluejean Bop ‐ Gene Vincent  

02 B‐I‐Bickey‐Bi Bo Bo Go ‐ Gene Vincent   

03 Rollin' Danny ‐ Gene Vincent   

04 Crazy Legs ‐ Gene Vincent   

05 Dance To The Bop ‐ Gene Vincent   

06 I Sure Miss You ‐ Gene Vincent   


CD track listing:

01 Well, I Knocked Bim Bam ‐ Gene Vincent   

02 Be‐Bop‐A‐Lula ‐ Gene Vincent   

03 Teenage Partner (version 1) ‐ Gene Vincent   

04 Pretty, Pretty Baby ‐ Gene Vincent   

05 Who Slapped John ‐ Gene Vincent   

06 Flea Brain ‐ Gene Vincent  

07 Bluejean Bop ‐ Gene Vincent   

08 B‐I‐Bickey‐Bi Bo Bo Go ‐ Gene Vincent   

09 Rollin' Danny ‐ Gene Vincent   

10 Crazy Legs ‐ Gene Vincent   

11 Dance To The Bop ‐ Gene Vincent   

12 I Sure Miss You ‐ Gene Vincent  

13 Cat Man ‐ Gene Vincent   

14 Race With The Devil ‐ Gene Vincent   

15 You Better Believe ‐ Gene Vincent   

16 Important Words ‐ Gene Vincent   

17 Gene Vincent giving station ident for radio station, WKBH, Milwaukee,

Wisconsin ‐ Gene Vincent  

18 Lotta Lovin' ‐ Gene Vincent   

19 Bop Street ‐ Gene Vincent   

20 Pink Thunderbird ‐ Gene Vincent   

21 Wedding Bells (Are Breaking That Old Gang Of Mine) ‐ Gene Vincent 

22 You Told A Fib ‐ Gene Vincent   

23 Blues Stay Away From Me ‐ Gene Vincent   

24 Gonna Back Up Baby ‐ Gene Vincent   

25 You'll Never Walk Alone ‐ Gene Vincent   

26 Midnight Cryin' Time ‐ Scotty McKay  

27 The Rock‐A‐Round ‐ Paul Peek   

28 Don't Wake Up The Kids ‐ The Four Dots feat. Johnny Meeks   

29 Goon Bat ‐ Dickie Harrell   

30 Little Baby ‐ Tommy Facenda   

31 Hot Time In Nashville ‐ The Phelps Brothers feat. Cliff Gallup   

32 Be‐Bop‐A‐Lula (Alan Freed Show ‐ live) ‐ Gene Vincent   

33 Hound Dog (Alan Freed Show ‐ live) ‐ Gene Vincent  

34 For Your Precious Love (Town Hall Party 1958 ‐ live) ‐ Gene Vincent


Gene Vincent


  • limited deluxe 10" w/ bonus cd + booklet + postcard

    Released: 5th Nov 2021

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With Be‐Bop‐A‐Lula, recorded on May 4, 1956, the artist ‐ born in Virginia in 1935 ‐ became an immortal rockabilly idol on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gene Vincent belongs to the elite circle of the greatest and most influential musicians of his era. His appearance in the film 'The Girl Can't Help It' made him known beyond the hard core of rockabilly fans to a wider audience. When, after several successes, his star began to wane in the U.S., he toured Europe several times starting in 1959, delighting audiences in Great Britain in particular. He became a revered idol for the Teddy Boy movement that emerged in the early 1950s in the UK! Gene Vincent died on October 12, 1971 at the young age of 36, apparently as a result of years of alcohol consumption and drug abuse. Posthumously, he was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. With his death, the music world lost one of the great stars of his era. Half a century has passed since his death, but his fans still worship him like an ambassador from the Olympus of Rock & Roll. Bear Family would like to commemorate a pioneering rockabilly musician with this LP/CD combination. Stefan Kohne and Nico Feuerbach have selected eleven of his best rockers plus the sensitive ballad I Sure Miss You ‐ which was also the foundation for the album title ‐ for the vinyl album. The jam‐packed CD contains 22 more highlights, including rare live recordings from the fifties and songs by Blue Caps members Cliff Gallup, Dickie Harrell and Johnny Meeks, among others. The large‐format and illustrated booklet contains extensive liner notes by Marc Mittelacher. Bear Family Records presents an LP/CD combination in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the passing of the great Gene Vincent, 'The Cat Man'! In his time, he influenced the international, and especially the British, music scene like no other. Between 1956 and 1961, eight of his songs entered the British Top 40! For the Teddy Boy movement he was and remains an idol! For this 10inch LP, Bear Family has compiled eleven of his timeless rockers plus the ballad I Sure Miss You. The bonus CD delivers 22 more highlights from 1956 ‐ 1958, including rare recordings