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Kate Bush

50 words for snow

fish people


Released: 21st Nov 2011



Released: 21st Nov 2011


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chronicling an emotionally fraught love affair with a snowman, ’50 words’ challenges us to admit the profound sentiment despite the seemingly outlandish concept.

received by many as a continuation of the ever-wistful form exhibited on 2005’s ‘aerial’, her iconoclasm shows no signs of abating. although highly metaphorical, the story is delivered sincerely, prompting uncut to say that “from austere, absurd materials, the cumulative effect is remarkable” giving it 4/5 in an in depth review. for those whose resistance to this dreamlike narrative is broken down by the glorious stillness that imbues these arrangements of piano, bass & minimal classicism, there is an immensely rich journey awaiting. “to let her quietly beautiful 10th album whisk you away you need a more reflective setting. (it)should be heard standing alone at icy window panes, gazing out.” 5/5 the telegraph

50 words for snow


  1. Snowflake
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. Misty
  4. Wild Man
  5. Snowed in at Wheeler Street
  6. 50 Words for Snow
  7. Among Angels