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the allergies

When The Heat Comes Down / Big Bad Woman



Released: 28th Sep 2018


"Omne trium perfectum" is an ancient Latin phrase suggesting everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete.

And in this case, it certainly rings true as the third single from The Allergies' third album 'Steal The Show' is pure musical gold… Mixing it up amongst international hip-hop big guns - ASM the boys get the floor moving with 'When The Heat Comes Down'. The ASM crew have been doing hip hop right for over 10 years and have collaborated with some giants of the music world including Bonobo, Wax Tailor and DOOM. Bombastic and always strutting, the track is built around a bouncing guitar riff and classic funk horn stabs - the perfect home for some upbeat party raps from Green T and Funk E Poet. We're inclined to agree - when the heat comes down they're definitely coolin'… Honey LaRochelle is a 'Big Bad Woman' and she'll eat you alive. And that's exactly what she threatens to do in the track of the same name… It's a hand clapping, foot stomping, 12-bar fiesta on a jazzy piano rhythm and blues tip. Yes Ray Charles himself would be happy with this one and as an added bonus The Allergies use the instrumental gaps to showcase their skills on the decks.

When The Heat Comes Down / Big Bad Woman


  1. When The Heat Comes Down
  2. Big Bad Woman