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Tatjana Ruegsegger


  • hand numbered, hand embossed book in hand-made bedsheet sleeve

    Released: 20th May 2022

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an eye-opening new publication documenting the impact of Brexit and lockdown restrictions on the UK’s current music scene.

As Harvey Grant of Kerala Dust states in his interview: “You have to go on tour to be able to afford living in London.” A musician can be filling 1000 capacity venues in Europe and still not be able to afford a living; that has been the reality of being a musician even before Brexit. Regardless, the current Brexit situation means one thing for British musicians: touring costs will soar and some bands might not be able to make the jump. A jump necessary not only for their careers but for their livelihoods. Brexit Bedrooms aims to shed a light on the potentially drastic consequences for the music industry, for the UK and the EU. But it’s not just the importance of the content as a time-document that needs to be underlined here. The carefully crafted design (open-back, hand-sown, hand-folded, hand-numbered, hand-embossed) means that even the printers at Calverts London haven’t seen a design like this in their 80 years in the business. The design is meant to lead you throughout the bedrooms, and I can’t wait for you to discover it. The Design by Sarah Kahn The book is custom printed in black, on recycled off-white paper with an open sown back, in a nod to the coarseness of the topic. Each portrait is hidden behind two folded pages, forming a window effect that leads into each subject’s bedroom, where alongside the photograph their thoughts are laid out on paper. Every book is hand-numbered, hand-embossed and comes in a hand-made sleeve made from upcycled bedsheets.