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Andy Ellison

Stunt Rocker

Wintergarden Publishing

very limited BOOK w/ cd (500 only)

Released: 2nd Sep 2022


Autobiography of one of rock music’s ‘Enfant Terrible’ - from the mod beat of the mid 60s, Psychedelic Pop of the late 60s glam rock of the mid seventies punk rock of the late seventies.

Andy Ellison fronted many cult bands like John’s Children (with Marc Bolan) Jet with members of Sparks and Roxy Music, The Radio Stars, all of which would see Andy performing hanging from Lighting rigs atop of speaker stacks, starting a riot on The Who’s tour of Germany and getting thrown off said tour, leaping into audiences from the stage and subsequently damaging himself in most performances...but aside from all that the real stories start to come through...of which they appear to be relentless like a machine gun each one more incredulous than the other. The book is liberally sprinkled with many photographs all the way through not clumped into two or three batches like most books and boasts a foreword by the one and only Simon Napier-Bell. Andy has some of THE Best stories of anyone from the music industry...and they’re in this book!

Stunt Rocker

  1. Eleanor Rigby (Radio Stars ii)
  2. Cornflake Zoo (Andy Ellison - New Version)
  3. Love is all around (John's Children ii)
  4. In the Cold Light (Andy Ellison)
  5. Hurt Myself (Andy Ellison)
  6. To the Beat ( Andy Ellison)
  7. Back In Your Town (Radio Stars)
  8. Blame it on the Young (Radio Stars)
  9. Devil & The Deep (Radio Stars)
  10. Accident (Radio Stars ii)
  11. Londoner (John's Children ii)
  12. Lazy Sunday (John's Children ii)
  13. She's tryin’ to Kill me (Andy Ellison)
  14. Something she said (Andy Ellison)
  15. Anyway Goodbye (Andy Ellison)
  16. You Can’t Do that (Andy Ellison - Alt Version)
  17. It’s been a Long time (John's Children ii)
  18. But She's Mine (John's Children ii)
  19. My River (Jet - Live)
  20. Nothing to do with us (Jet - Live)