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red kite




Released: 3rd Nov 2017


a somewhat feistier affair than its predecessor, this brings the raucous live energy of the six-piece band (3 very loud guitarists, bass player and two drummers) to the fore with explosive results.

‘Racquet’ was recorded at The Lodge in Northampton and mixed by Paul Gregory (Lanterns on the Lake). In relation to the new album Dan says “It’s mainly two extremes, two precise points in time, maybe it’s about time travel? On the one hand it’s about someone who’s getting older and shouldn’t be doing this and needs to move on but can’t, whilst on the other it transports back to childhood and living in the woods. The two worlds juxtapose and collide. As a kid the world is strange and mysterious yet also full of wonder”.



  1. let go the line
  2. take care of your own
  3. and yet you miss the sea
  4. federal government
  5. kite & crow
  6. if we buy a trainset
  7. black freighter
  8. point of light
  9. manny calavera
  10. facades
  11. aen