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Underworld & Iggy Pop

Teatime Dub Encounters

caroline international


Released: 27th Jul 2018



Released: 27th Jul 2018


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This genius on-the-fly collaboration is already a cult hit with the residents, with iggy’s stream-of-consciousness brilliance bringing a set of crowd-pleasing underworld productions inimitably to life.

'Teatime Dub Encounters' is the result of clandestine hotel room recording sessions rather than clinical studio dabbling, thriving on spontaneity. Iggy unleashes neurotic, weird, nostalgic, irresistible, unhinged narratives of concorde-smoking and shirt-losing, making the ordinary truly extraordinary. Underworld offer beats of gradually-building repetition culminating in ecstatic reveries – the effect the coolest and oddest combo you’ve ever felt compelled to dance to. “These encounters are a glorious collision — and a thrilling gift to fans — of two musical titans” 4.5/5 – the music

Teatime Dub Encounters


  1. Bells & Circles
  2. I’m Trapped
  3. I’ll See Big
  4. Get Your Shirt