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heavenly recordings


Released: 2nd Nov 2018



Released: 2nd Nov 2018


the London duo’s full-length debut is a charming, quirky and addictive set of fun electronic pilgrimages, coloured in by some delightfully off-the-wall, coolly-delivered lyrics.

While opener ‘Mother Hen’ might be a modernist nursery rhyme sat atop skittering proggy electronics, the dual vocals on the tracks ‘Hot Salt’ and ‘Friends in the Bubble Bath’ perfectly channel the conflict and contradiction of ‘Don’t You Want Me’ into something ultra-modern and almost ludicrously addictive. Elsewhere, the primal, gothic drone of ‘Womanly Blood’ sits like a brooding weather condition until it rips apart thanks to some heavy percussive artillery from Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa. Fans of snapped ankles, phobophobes and gabe gurnsey will love this. an anything-goes debut album made up of easy-to-dance-to pop songs and hard-to-explain spoken word odysseys” 9/10 – loud and quiet.

Now! (in a minute)


  1. Mother Hen
  2. Hot Salt
  3. It Get Be So Swansea
  4. Friends In The Bubble Bath
  5. Womanly Blood
  6. Grandma Jimmy
  7. Dance Your Life Away
  8. Call Of Duty Free
  9. Period Talk
  10. Spooky Algorithms
  11. Dealing With Hoarders
  12. Car Sick
  13. Pebbles