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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

the b-sides for time to be clear



Released: 1st Mar 2012


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these 2 tracks are rooted in the same dark earth as ‘wolfroy goes to town’.

‘whipped’ is the a-side of ‘the b-sides…’, a delicately-coiffed ballad not far removed from the dolorous blues of 'wolfroy goes to town', but with a centrepiece that rises fortress-of-solitude-like from the ice with the grandness & majesty that befits a bonny prince. the flip is a delicious toss at b-side-to-end-all-b-sides status: a sweet splinter of winking honkytonk called ‘out of mind’, with plenty of opportunities to sing along, tear in beer as boots scoot along the hardwood.

the b-sides for time to be clear


  1. whipped
  2. out of mind