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Full Time Hobby

dinked edition 45 - Exclusive clear lp + bonus 2 track 7” + Hand numbered sleeve + exclusive tote bag + download (300 only)

Released: 22nd May 2020



Released: 22nd May 2020



Released: 22nd May 2020


von schleicher's amped up the ante tremendously on her second full-length, expanding her sound into sprawling pools of twinkling guitars and synths and big, hazy choruses that cling to the memory like spaghetti to a wall.

Katie Von Schleicher doesn’t hold back - Her music, drenched in layers of warmth and fuzz, mines depression, devotion, power, and anxiety without reserve. But if channeling weighty subject matter is a constant in Von Schleicher’s music, so too is transforming that material into sonic landscapes that defy expectations. On her second record, she blasts past the lo-fi power ballads of her debut with a severe expansion of her sonic palette; its 13 shape-shifting songs depict a deeply personal exploration of trauma. The result is both potent and listenable; strange and familiar; intense and entertaining—and teeming with life. Ffo cate le bon, dana gavanski and bc camplight.

James Cooper says: “Every time I heard this being played in the basement, I had to go check out what it was. It’s totally caught me by surprise.”



  1. You Remind Me
  2. Wheel
  3. Nowhere
  4. Caged Sleep
  5. Messenger
  6. Loud B
  7. Strangest Thing
  8. Can You Help?
  9. Brutality
  10. Hammer
  11. Power
  12. Gross
  13. Nothing Lasts

dinked Bonus 7"

  1. CMWA
  2. Display

dinked edition 45

Exclusive clear vinyl

Exclusive bonus 7” with two tracks
(A: “CMWA” - B: “Display”)
Hand numbered sleeve
Limited 300 pressing