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John Matthias, Jay Auborn, Stanley Donwood and Mat Consume

BROADMEAD: The Soundtrack to the Film of the Place

limited edition grey lp + download (500 only) - £31.99 | Buy
Conveying a bleakly elegiac beauty, the film is a series of ‘moving photographs’, accompanied by deadpan narration and a beautifully sad score writt...
Stanley Donwood


paperback book - £10.99 | Buy
very limited hardback book in slipcase with *signed* and numbered print (250 only) - £100.00 £80.00
Apocalyptic, funny and hallucinogenic in their intensity, these stories present a series of brief, haunting episodes in a world drained of meaning, sense and co...
thom yorke and stanley donwood

KID A MNESIA - A Book of Radiohead Artwork

limited hardback book - £30.00
An ultimate glimpse into the intense creative relationship that developed between the musician & artist, published to mark the 20th anniversary of Radiohead...
olafur arnalds

some kind of peace

3lp boxset - £113.99 £85.99 | Buy
lp + printed pvc sleeve - £22.99 | Buy
Arnalds is no stranger to expansive and gorgeous music, but here on ‘some kind of peace’ he manages to tie together his disparate influences perfect...
John Cage

Radio Music (Performed By Faust/Band Of Pain)

CD - £11.99 | Buy
Jean-Hervé, Zappi and Steve Pittis recorded their interpretations of Radio Music independently in 2007 and 2010.
Ghost Notes


  1. Dive Into This
  2. Long Time Dead
  3. Auto Psalm Engine
  4. Lovelaced
  5. No Parable
  6. A Silver Solenoid
  7. Christmas at The Twisted Wheel
  8. Vodka & Coke

Dinked Edition 240

- “Rusty Solenoid” orange vinyl *

- Stanley Donwood pencil drawing art print *

- Augmented Reality Artwork Experience (scan QR code)

- 2 bonus tracks (download) *

- Hand numbered sleeve *

-  Limited edition of 250 *


John Matthias and Jay Auborn

Ghost Notes

Cognitive Shift
  • dinked 240 - super limited numbered* "rusty solenoid" orange lp* + Stanley Donwood Art Print* w/ AR QR code* + download w/ 2 bonus tracks (250 only) - 1 per customer

    Released: 14th Apr 2023


Spectre-like sound manipulations reinforce this epic neo-classical trawl through the pumping hearts of Matthias and Auborn, aided, in part, by a flawed robot whose percussive drive occasionally strays from its programming, creating unpredictable & visceral rhythms that charm with every blow of its mechanical hammer.

Reminiscent of Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s ‘Can’t Help Myself’ - an installation in which a robotic arm cleans up its leaking oil-blood, gradually losing power until it’s no longer able to mop up the crimson fluid emanating from its body – ‘Ghost Notes’ is an intriguing spectacle that straddles stringed symphonic highs with industrial cadences, forcing us to face the reflection of our own fractured humanity in the sprawling sonic scree.

Auborn and Matthias, along with their synthetic counterpart, have crafted something poignant, powerful, discombobulating, and, at times, wondrously overwhelming. This apparition shows great spirit.

FOR FANS OF: Trent Reznor & Attic Ross / John Cage / Olafur Arnalds / Alice Coltrane / Sun Yuan & Peng Yu