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Four Tet

late night tales

Late Night Tales

180g 2lp + download

Released: 30th Sep 2013


Originally released in 2004 this classic mix has never been released on vinyl until now - Kieran Hebden’s contribution this renowned series of compilations redefines the word "eclectic".

From sun-kissed 60's psychedelia (Manfred Mann) to cosmic jazz, to skull-crunchin’ hip-hop (Gravediggaz) & Terry Riley’s tape-loop cut-ups, this is a seriously entertaining & even educational take on the chillout comp, as well as a peek at the myriad influences that are at work in Hebden’s own music as Four Tet. Highlights include Icarus’ digital jazz deconstructions, the indescribable beauties of Linda Perlhac’s Parallelograms & Koushik’s woozy funk workouts. All in all, a rare treat composed of, er, rare treats. Thoroughly recommended. Also includes an exclusive cover version of the Jimi Hendrix 'Castles Made Of Sand'.

late night tales


  1. Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Haunted Feelings
  2. Koushik- Battle Rhymes for Battle Times
  3. Hal Blaine - Wiggy
  4. Manfred Mann Chapter Three - One Way Glass
  5. Terry Riley - Music For The Gift (Part 2)
  6. Roach - January V
  7. Tortoise - Why We Fight
  8. Gravediggaz - 2 Cups Of Blood
  9. Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
  10. Four Tet - Castles Made Of Sand (Exclusive Jimi Hendrix cover version)
  11. Joe Henderson - Earth
  12. Madvillain - Strange Way (Koushik's Remix)
  13. J Saunders - Tinkle
  14. Jef Gilson & Malagasy - Valiha Del
  15. Smoke - Griffo (Edit)
  16. Fairport Convention - Tale In Hard Time
  17. Manitoba - 219 Beverley,