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Four Tet

beautiful rewind remixes


limited 12"

Released: 18th Jul 2014


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remix 12" which sees jay daniel, seven davis jr, & the mysterious photomachine rework tracks from keiran hebden's brilliant 2013 album 'beautiful rewind'.

Detroit native Jay Daniel douses 'Aerial' in expansive, sun-soaked synth textures and adds a steadily rolling beat. It's a bright and moving production that completely re-imagines the original. Seven Davis Jr. modifies the deep, driving 'Buchla' into a busily flexing piece of house, while PhOtOmachine creates focused and sultry, slow-burning techno from the wriggling 'Crush'.

beautiful rewind remixes


  1. Four Tet - Aerial (Jay Daniel remix)
  2. Four Tet - Buchla (Seven Davis Jr remix)
  3. Four Tet - Crush (PhOtOmachine remix)