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Room To Expand (Expanded)

130701 / FatCat Records

record store day exclusive 2016 - 2LP + download, gatefold sleeve

Released: 16th Apr 2016


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significantly expanded double-vinyl reissue of Hauschka’s debut album for 130701, ‘Room To Expand’.

The album has been repackaged and extended with the addition of six previously-unreleased exclusive tracks, and has been made available on vinyl for the first time ever – arriving with new artwork, liner notes, full digital download coupon and gatefold packaging. Upon its original release nine years ago, Hauschka was the little-known alias of Dusseldorf–based pianist / composer Volker Bertelmann. ‘Room To Expand’ was the album that in many ways laid the groundwork for Hauschka’s future success. Its very title suggested a frankly-articulated portent of future growth for the artist – both creatively, technically and in popularity. Gathered to fit a single, final vinyl side, the six new tracks were all recorded contemporaneously with the original album and breathe new life into it. They offer a wider lens onto into this period Hauschka’s creativity, perfectly complementing and extending the original set. Aside from the heavily delay-processing ‘Vakuum One’, all six tracks are solo prepared piano works, moving from the playful ‘Zooviertel’ to the more strident, pounding, swelling ‘Run Run’ and the fidgety, skittling ‘Fragments’ and ending on the impressionistic, rippling, fizzy-textured ‘Vakuum One’. Double Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve, 6 Previously Unreleased Exclusive Tracks, Download Code.

Room To Expand (Expanded)


  1. La Dilettante
  2. paddington
  3. One Wish
  4. Chicago Morning
  5. Kleine Dinge
  6. Belgrade
  7. Sweet Spring Come
  8. Femmeassise
  9. Watercolour Milk
  10. Zahnluecke
  11. Fjorde
  12. Old Man Playing Boules
  13. Zooviertel
  14. Slow Motion
  15. Run Run
  16. Fragments
  17. Sitze
  18. Vakuum One