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what if



Released: 31st Mar 2017



Released: 31st Mar 2017


Overflowing with haunting melodies, mysterious sounds, complex patterns and a rare dexterity, he conjures gorgeous synesthetically visual soundscapes.

in a break from his traditional methodology – he programmed parts for player pianos, exploiting the speed at which they could play, manipulating the resulting sounds, and building layers to emphasise the metre of his compositions.. uncommonly inventive, coaxing ever more unprecedented, euphonic sounds and rhythms out of his instrument, the album reveals itself as the work of a man hungry to explore new sounds, eager to experiment with new approaches, and undeniably revelling in this irrepressible outpouring of creativity. “ The lyrical piano has disappeared, and the sounds I’m fascinated by – like noise and electronic elements – have taken over.” “I was always attracted by hip hop, deep rhythms and weird sci-fi electronica”.


what if


  1. I Can’t Find Water
  2. Constant Growth Fails
  3. My Kids Live On Mars
  4. I Need Exile
  5. I Can’t Express My Deep Love
  6. Nature Fights Back
  7. Familiar Things Disappear
  8. Trees Only Exist in Books
  9. We Live a Thousand Years