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Max Richter

Memory House

fat cat


Released: 26th Oct 2009


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ltd white 2lp+ download

Released: 27th Jan 2014


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max richter’s debut album was originally recorded with the bbc philharmonic orchestra in 2002 for the bbc’s late junction classical music label.

this is a journey through the beauty & tragedy of 20th century europe, an immaculately observed postcard journal, albeit one informed more by imagination than documentary accuracy. the opening track sets the template for the album’s elegant aesthetic, with a breathy whisper & lamenting violin melody. the track’s central refrain is repeated throughout the album, whether in the toy box electronica of ‘untitled (figures)’ or the baroque harpsichord of ‘garden (1973)/interior’. the repetition of musical themes set to diverse soundscapes helps to shape the album’s feel as a repository of scattered memories, like a muddled stack of old photographs. haunting, beautiful & utterly essential.

Memory House


  1. Europe, After the Rain
  2. Maria, the Poet (1913)
  3. Laika's Journey
  4. The Twins (Prague)
  5. Sarajevo
  6. Andras
  7. Untitled (Figures)
  8. Sketchbook
  9. November
  10. Jan's Notebook
  11. Arbenita (11 Years)
  12. Garden (1973) / Interior
  13. Landscape with Figure (1922)
  14. Fragment
  15. Lines on a Page (One Hundred Violins)
  16. Embers
  17. Last Days
  18. Quartet Fragment (1908)