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Living Fields

Ninja Tune


Released: 30th Mar 2015



Released: 30th Mar 2015


formerly Portico Quartet, the new album from the remaining trio sees them head off in a quite a different direction & one that means that we can no longer keep them in our jazz section.

although they have always incorporated elements of electronics in their work, this is a splendid record that takes them much further into this field. featuring vocals from Alt-J’s Joe Newman, Jamie Woon & Jono McCleery, ‘Living Fields’ is an album of catharsis & redefinition, born of a desire to create newness out of loss & change. a redefinition of sound that will likely appeal to fans of James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Nicolas Jaar et al.

Living Fields

  1. Living Fields (ft Jono McCleery)
  2. 101 (ft Joe Newman)
  3. Where You Are (ft Jono McCleery)
  4. Atacama (ft Joe Newman)
  5. Bright Luck (ft Jono McCleery)
  6. Colour Fading (ft Jono McCleery)
  7. Brittle (ft Jamie Woon)
  8. Memory Of Newness (ft Jamie Woon)
  9. Dissolution