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Do Easy

bella union

white lp + download

Released: 18th Nov 2016



Released: 18th Nov 2016


the Canadian twin sisters Sari and Romy Lightman unfurl a luxurious album of downbeat pop that lovers of Kate Bush, the Cocteau twins and beach house will go weak at the knees for.

Serene, strange and magnetically sung, it invokes immersive worlds of loving allusion. Soft synths and crystalline harmonies create lushly accessible, warmly experimental dream pop, exploring manipulated sounds, all with mood in mind. Assisted by talented friends with flourishes of horns, flutes and other bells and whistles, this one’s aimed squarely the seasoned loners, stoners and lackadaisically laid. “a wonderfully theatrical record…invites you into its own rarefied world, a world where things are exotic, tranquil and seductively unique and makes you want to stay there” - the line of best fit

Do Easy

  1. Dead Can Dance & Neil
  2. Young
  3. Claudine
  4. Jimi Infiniti
  5. Missoula
  6. Wiolyn
  7. 29 Palms
  8. Do Easy
  9. Do Easy Reprise
  10. Gentle Man
  11. Emergency
  12. Eli