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180g 2lp + download

Released: 28th Jul 2017



Released: 28th Jul 2017


limited indies only solid blue 180g 2lp with emboss and spot gloss detailing + download

Released: 28th Jul 2017


the uk producer steps up to prove he can be an artist of innovation and risk, and rewards us with one of the most striking electronic releases of 2017.

the gauzy stomp of his previous work is all but absent here, but the scaffolding of his tracks now richer, deeper, and equally capable of sublime prettiness and cascading, rumbling darkness. the album opens with a gorgeous track of neo-classical cut-up, and the way he treats organic sources throughout sounds inspired by the amazing soundworlds of tim hecker circa ‘love streams’. his love of warped r&b rhythms does return later in the set, but it is clear the lapalux is onto something more profound on this record. “With Ruinism, Lapalux has succeeded in achieving something genuinely unique … one of the stand-out electronic releases of the year so far.”8/10 – popmatters, “Ruinism feels like a far more considered, cerebral effort than Lapalux has delivered before. It may not offer the uniformly sensuous pleasures of those earlier works, but it does a lot more to stimulate other parts of the body.” B+ - av club


  1. Reverence
  2. Data Demon (feat. GABI)
  3. Petty Passion
  4. Rotted Arp (feat. Louisahhh)
  5. Falling Down (feat. JFDR)
  6. Displacer
  7. 4EVA (feat. Talvi)
  8. Essex Is Burning
  9. Flickering (feat. JFDR)
  10. Running To Evaporate
  11. Phase Violet
  12. Tessellate