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Xylouris White


bella union


Released: 19th Jan 2018



Released: 19th Jan 2018


invigorating cretan folk from the Greco-australian partnership that deals in frantic, break-neck lute-playing in juxtaposition with swirling, intimate moments of eerie calm – simultaneously propulsive and arresting.

Jim White has commanded international attention for more than two decades as part of Australia’s Dirty Three, storm’s-eye instrumental diviners whose emotionally choppy soundscapes brim with elemental force. Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto produced again. “Their thrashy drums/lute duels can have the free-swinging energy of The White Stripes or the herky-jerky of a post-punk band, while other times they sound like growling freak-folk balladeers. This is Cretan folk music played with a rock’n’roll intensity that is truly immersive.” Uncut – 8/10.


  1. In Medias Res
  2. Only Love
  3. Motorcycle Kondilies
  4. Spud’s Garden
  5. Daphne
  6. Achilles Heel
  7. Woman From Anogeia
  8. Call And Response
  9. Lullaby