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I don't run

Lucky Number

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Released: 6th Apr 2018



Released: 6th Apr 2018


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the Spanish quartet’s sophomore shows a bigger, better, faster, funnier, more dexterous Hinds and is an insane amount of fun – both breezy and carefree.

the record is an honest reflection on a period that changed their lives beyond their wildest imaginations. After everything they’ve overcome, one might think a band like Hinds would have second album jitters, but think again. Hinds are chomping at the bit and with defiant confidence. “We loved making this album,” says Perrote. “We knew what we wanted and we have what we wanted. This is a new start for us and we're f***ing ready.” fans of goat girl, screaming females and the parrots will love this. “takes the already colourful palette that the group used for Leave Me Alone and expands on every aspect of it, imbuing it with the sort of fizz and crackle that you can’t fake” 8/10 – line of best fit.

I don't run

  1. The Club
  2. Soberland
  3. Linda
  4. New For You
  5. Echoing My Name
  6. Tester
  7. Finally Floating
  8. I Feel Cold But I Feel More
  9. To The Morning Light
  10. Rookie
  11. Ma Nuit