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European Heartbreak

heavenly recordings


Released: 28th Sep 2018


blue lp

Released: 28th Sep 2018


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On de graaf’s second lp, she broadens her textural palette, bolstering her simple acoustic indie pop with a warm, multi-instrumental sophistication.

It’s about the concepts and stories we invent to understand our experienced reality and feel like we matter somehow, and about the fluid and sometimes contradictory nature of these stories. “I guess the record is about my personal, mundane, relative and subjective experience of the human condition so far in this life”. Fans of Japanese breakfast, angel Olsen and Julia jacklin will adore this. “the [smoky, aromatic brass, languid organ, silky strings and subtle wisps of electronica] lend [her love-lorn, undulating acoustic reveries] a transcendent grace that repeatedly pricks up your ears” 8/10 – uncut.

European Heartbreak

  1. Simple Song
  2. Hardly Knew
  3. Oh My Love (What Have We Done)
  4. Goodnight Europe
  5. Alpine Town
  6. I've Done The Best
  7. Self-Portrait In A Car At Night
  8. Something's Gonna Take Your Love Away
  9. Antoine
  10. Where Did You Go
  11. Baby, Eternity