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a certain ratio

Good Together (2018 reissue)


white 2lp + download

Released: 25th May 2018



Released: 25th May 2018


originally released in 1989 this long out of print record returns fully ready to knock your socks off with a volatile cocktail of post-punk and funk.

A Certain Ratio embraced the ethic and culture of the late Seventies post punk explosion but sounded like nothing else around them and refused to fit in. The band introduced the avant-garde elements of funk, jazz, electronics, tape loops and technology to the pop song, wrapping it in a post punk aesthetic, adding great clothes and the coolest haircuts. They have gone on to influence generations of musicians - from LCD Soundsystem, Happy Mondays, Franz Ferdinand, ESG, Factory Floor and Andrew Weatherall. The Guardian’s Dave Simpson paid tribute to the band (once described as “James Brown on acid”).

Good Together (2018 reissue)

  1. Your Blue Eyes
  2. Your Little World
  3. The Big E
  4. God's Own Girl
  5. Love Is The Way
  6. Backs To The Wall
  7. River's Edge
  8. Every Pleasure
  9. Coldest Days
  10. Good Together
  11. Repercussions
  12. 2000 a√: