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Released: 1st Feb 2019


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Released: 1st Feb 2019


With a shared love for 60s’ girl groups and French pop and film noir soundtracks, the trio behind Unloved (Jade Vincent, David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia) return with another heady and intoxicating mix that feels like it has crawled out of (or into) a late night Parisian bar – psychedelic, dreamy, groovy, it is as bold and classic-sounding as it is audacious and innovative.

 “Sometimes it’s hard to say how you feel,” says Vincent. “These songs are vulnerable stories for me to tell — they’re things I couldn’t say out loud. But I found that I could sing them. And then I closed my eyes when they would listen.” Having crafted the soundtrack to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s acclaimed new series Killing Eve, it is another musical immersion that occupys the space somewhere between past and present, where thoughts soften and ideas mingle with twisted Mancini-esque orchestrations. "essential" 5* - contact


  1. Heartbreak
  2. Remember
  3. Love
  4. (Sigh)
  5. Bill
  6. Devils Angels
  7. Lee
  8. Danger
  9. Fail We May Sail We Must
  10. Love Lost
  11. Crash Boom Bang
  12. Boy and Girl
  13. If