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The Center Won’t Hold

Mom + Pop / Caroline International


Released: 16th Aug 2019


heavyweight gatefold lp

Released: 16th Aug 2019


deluxe heavyweight gatefold lp + bonus 7" + sticker sheet

Released: 16th Aug 2019


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with the help of st vincent’s distinct production style, sleater-kinney have infused a vivacious synth-pop element into their grubby rock potency, resulting in some of their catchiest tuneage yet.

This is the album that was sure to polarise many, including the band itself, with drummer janet Weiss leaving in response to the sonic shift. But it’s a change that will be welcomed by many and one that deserves to usher in a swathe of new listeners! Most concretely, they worked with producer Annie Clark (St. Vincent), who treated each song as its own world, letting them find a specific vernacular through careful construction and deliberation. “sleater-kinney may have changed significantly, then, in sound and now in lineup […] but their inimitable fury and drive is intact” 8/10 – album of the month – uncut.

The Center Won’t Hold

  1. The Center Won’t Hold
  2. Hurry On Home
  3. Reach Out
  4. Can I Go On
  5. Restless
  6. Ruins
  7. LOVE
  8. Bad Dance
  9. The Future Is Here
  10. The Dog / The Body
  11. Broken
  12. Hurry On Home (deluxe 7")