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Friendly Fires



180g lp + download

Released: 16th Aug 2019

£21.99 £11.99


Released: 16th Aug 2019


limited indies-only 180g purple lp + download

Released: 16th Aug 2019


Adding a sparkly club sheen to their already dynamic sound has resulted in an album that is guaranteed to get even the creakiest of legs up and dancing.

Arriving eight years after their last album, Inflorescent is the sound of a band rejuvenated and reborn. If their previous records summoned a feeling of yearning and hazy escapism, ‘Inflorescent’ is much more direct, in part inspired – lyrically at least – by reconnecting with the hardcore records they’d bonded over as teenagers. Equally informed by experiencing the here and now, by hanging out and dancing in clubs together as a trio again, it’s a record very much about living in the present; about not being afraid, seizing the moment, casting aside doubts and pursuing the things you love.


  1. Can’t Wait Forever
  2. Heaven Let Me In
  3. Silhouettes
  4. Offline
  5. Sleeptalking
  6. Kiss And Rewind
  7. Love Like Waves
  8. Lack Of Love
  9. Cry Wolf
  10. Almost Midnight
  11. Run The Wild Flowers