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anna meredith

Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies for Dodgems

**Signed!** "Pumpkin" colour LP in one of 4 lucky dip sleeves - £18.99
"Pumpkin" colour LP in 1 of 4 lucky dip sleeves - £18.99
Bumps Per Minute is a full-throttle reinvention of the traditional fairground dodgems, from Mercury Award-shortlisted composer, producer and musician Anna Mered...
anna meredith

Varmints (2020 reissue)

limited colour lp - £18.99

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2lp + dOWNLOAD - £21.99
  1. Sawbones
  2. Inhale Exhale
  3. Calion
  4. Killjoy
  5. Bump
  6. moonmoons
  7. Divining
  8. Limpet
  9. Ribbons
  10. Paramour
  11. Unfurl

anna meredith


  • limited winter wind lp

    Released: 4th Sep 2020

    out of stock

Meredith’s use of shifting Reich-ian loops clashing against jarring electronic sounds that could’ve come from Squarepusher is a combination that shouldn’t work, but does.

Add to that a sense of wonky fun and you’ll find this album is a spectacularly weird and wonderful exploration of noice that’ll leave a grin on your face. That should come as no surprise to fans of her debut ‘varmints’ – ‘fibs’ picks up, plays with and expands upon her already distinctive sound to create an album that feels limitless but complete.