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Bloom Innocent


limited half-speed mastered 140g white lp + five panel duplexed sleeve + plantable wildflower download card

Released: 25th Oct 2019


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Released: 25th Oct 2019


Wonderfully expansive folktronica that sees Fink’s gorgeous voice soar over a delicate web of organic and synthesised pastoral beauty.

‘Bloom Innocent’ is the gravity-defying, sky-scraping, stars-reaching sound of a man on a mission: to excite himself, to escape expectations, to thrust clear of all his previous achievements. It’s a spacious, capacious, eight-track wonder glowing with delicate piano, ear-tingling guitar and Fink’s soulful, woody vocal. The album was largely recorded in Fink’s home studio in Berlin with an ally available to him back in London: the aforesaid Flood, one of the world’s all-time greatest record producers

Bloom Innocent

  1. Bloom Innocent
  2. We Watch The Stars
  3. Once You Get A Taste
  4. Out Loud
  5. That’s How I See You Now
  6. I Just Want A Yes
  7. Rocking Chair
  8. My Love’s Already There