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Forever Blue

bella union

limited gatefold silver lp + download

Released: 3rd Jul 2020


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Released: 3rd Jul 2020


A rapturous blend of post-rock and post-classical, her debut lp is a gut-punch of writhing, gothic folk vocals, haunted piano keys & broiling strings and uses dynamic juxtapositions to breath-taking effect.

Williams is a fantastic musician as well as songwriter, playing the guitar, cello and piano, and her voice has the controlled delivery of a seasoned chanteuse whilst still channelling the rawest of emotions. Therapy is intrinsic to Williams’ approach: to not just express and unpick her feelings of longing and loss but to work through them. The transition can be mirrored in the dynamic shift from ‘quiet’ to ‘loud’, as on ‘Glimmer’ and arguably at its most euphoric on ‘Melt’. Ffo: chelsea wolfe, emma ruth rundle or esben & the witch, this is well worth checking out. “bleakness and beauty in one stunning debut album” 4.5/5 – louder sound.

Forever Blue

  1. All I Asked For (Was To End It All)
  2. Melt
  3. Dirt
  4. Fearless
  5. Glimmer
  6. Love And Pain
  7. Wait
  8. I’m Fine