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the lucid dream

actualisation (2021 reissue)

Holy Are You Recordings

very limited (200 only) lp

Released: 7th May 2021


They may have started as a psych band, but ‘actualisation’ lives up to its name – this is the culmination of all their influences, from primal scream to can to underworld, all settling into place.

Distinctly more electronic than their previous output, it’s a frenetic digital psych opus that’s part dub, part shoegazey psychedelia, part acid house and entirely original. They’ve picked at a thread started in the 90’s at the point where dance music meats guitar music and, like their fellow explorers stone roses, primal scream and happy Mondays, they’ve found exciting new ground and new territory to explore.

actualisation (2021 reissue)

  1. Alone In Fear
  2. Zenith (part 1)
  3. Zenith (part 2)
  4. SX1000
  5. Breakdown
  6. Ardency
  7. No Sunlight Dub