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When You're Gone


12" (+ download)

Released: 27th Feb 2012


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trademark brainfeeder hip-hop, imbued with robotic soul, clouds of airy synth & bursts of pitched vocals from fly lo’s 1st uk signing.

as the strange, compressed loops run their course in the background, snippets of vocal & percussive clicks create dense & dreamy soundscapes to get well & truly immersed in. along the same lines as label-mates teebs & jeremiah jae but more mutli-layered & dance music influenced in places (the sawing bass of ‘gutter glitter’). “warmth & fuzziness emanate from his music & a typical track sports enough layers for a full album of songs” – resident advisor.

When You're Gone


  1. 102 Hours Of Introductions
  2. Moments Ft PY
  3. Gone
  4. Yellow 90's
  5. Construction Deconstruction
  6. Gutter Glitter
  7. Face Down, Eyes Shut