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roll the dice meets pole

in dubs



Released: 19th Nov 2012

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Swedish duo Roll The Dice release an EP of dub remixes by highly influential German electronic producer Pole (aka Stefan Betke).

Betke has expertly reworked tracks from rtd's 'In Dust' for this limited 12". he first came into contact with Roll The Dice’s Peder Mannerfelt & Malcolm Pardon when they asked him to master their Live In Gothenburg EP in 2011.  Originally titled ‘Calling All Workers’, ‘Idle Hands’ and ‘The Skull Is Built Into The Tool’, these are dramatic & harmonious rerubs worthy of the adopted dub reggae nomenclature. Pole’s work exhibits a similar warmth & analogue physicality as that of Roll The Dice, so it’s a marriage made in heaven.

in dubs


  1. Calling Dub Workers
  2. Echo Hands
  3. The Skull Is Built Into The Version