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This Dog Can Swim

Ninja Tune


Released: 26th Nov 2012


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1st single from 'lonely at the top' is a bloodthirsty, feral snapshot, 3 1/2 minutes of rabid music sure to get your favourite tail-wagger all worked up into a fury.

the a side of this 12” belongs to lukid, on which he presents us with 2 uniquely haunting snapshots of canine life. the title track is a fierce one - lukid pairs the splashiest snare ever recorded with a disconcertingly icy synth while ‘this dog can run’ twists the icy synths into a twinkly melody, then buries it under a layer of fog & detritus to create a warmer (if still unnerving) portrait of a hound. the b side belongs to the remixers. both producers provide abstract & spiralling meditations on lukid’s mongrel.

This Dog Can Swim


  1. This Dog Can Swim
  2. This Dog Can Run
  3. This Dog Can Swim (1991 Remix)
  4. This Dog Can Swim (Mass Prod Remix)